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Paddletales is an authorised G. Loomis service centre and carries a wide range of casting and spinning rods. Below is a small cross section of what is available in store.


NRX is the culmination of what we have been doing at G.Loomis since day one. We have been continually striving to build the best rod on the planet. Laminates, resin, mandrels, components and the know how you expect from us. These NRX rods look like nothing we have built before. They feel better than anything we have built before. We aren't talking about a little better here or a little lighter there...

What we are saying so there is no confusion... " This is the Best Bass Rod Ever Built!" Period!!


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Bass Rods

GLX Casting Rods

The top of the line rod series doesn't get any lighter, more responsive, or more sensitive than the GLX line from G. Loomis. With five different actions to choose from in the GLX line, the top of the line angler can stock the boat with the best line of bass rods built. From a 6'6" medium action to a stout 7 footer for throwin' heavy jigs or pitchin' your favorite plastics, these rods will let you feel every grain of sand on the bottom separatly.


GLX Spinning Rods

There is not another rod on the market today that can even compare to G. Loomis's GLX line. The highest-modulus graphite available, the lightest, most responsive, most sensitive fishing rods in the world is what they are. Some rod builders can make that claim, but G. Loomis is the only company who proves it with the GLX line-up. For the avid hardcore angler, or the fisherman looking to better his skill, the GLX line-up offers the highest quality rods on the market, bottom line.



Drop Shot Spinning Rod

Targeting the hottest technique in bass fishing Loomis has developed a rod specifically for Drop Shotting. Drop Shotting puts high demands on a rod, requiring a rod to be soft and limber but strong enough to handle big fish and provide solid hook sets. It has to be powerful, light and extremely sensitive. Sounds impossible until you fish with this rod, not only has G. Loomis accomplished this feat they have also made this rod available in casting and spinning. If you like to drop shot you will love these rods.


Bronzeback Rods



For those of us who chase the elusive smallmouth the combination of these two words sends a chill down our spines. Until now smallmouth anglers had to make do with rods designed for largemouth bass, trout, and even saltwater flats species. Now, Loomis has spent years of research and a lot of money to develop rods with actions that are perfect for the specialized techniques that characterize smallmouth fanatics.